We were so close!  December was great, January was still nice, no winter, then February came along and boom, full on winter.  It’s not even so much the snow that was bad, it was the wind (and snow).  Currently we have about 6-8 inches with drifts.  Baird is closed which is not uncommon for this time of year, however the extended forecast of cold weather is a bit concerning.  You knew that it was too nice last year, there was going to be a price to be paid.  Gran Fondo Ephrata has a reputation for being epic and this year promises to deliver!


6 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse

  1. Soooo, I see Red2Red has pushed their date back due to snow. I am wondering what will happen for Ephrata if there is still 3-6″ on most of the roads?? (Or if they are just long sheets of ice for that matter)????

    1. Yeah, noticed Red2Red pushed back two weeks (on top of GFE, bummer was planning on doing it otherwise). We are watching conditions closely and looking at reroute options. A rescheduled date is very unlikely, but we’ll stop short of saying it’s off the table.

      1. Would hate to see it rescheduled. But if the road STILL looks like the picture above in March….. Fingers crossed for warmer weather….

    1. Not even sure as we’ve never really been down this road before. I would still say a reschedule is HIGHLY unlikely, as we would reroute/abbreviate as needed. The only situation I can see is if by some chance we have a few more severe winter storms leading up to the event. End of times kind of stuff, gravel riders aren’t soft.

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