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Nothing gets you more stoked about riding than getting a new bike.  If that is not a true statement you should probably take up frisbee golf or something.  So when Cannondale/NWTB signed on as presenting sponsor of the Gravel Fondo Series you can bet my wheels where turning (pun intended).  The Slate would appear to be designed by a disgruntled GFW participant sick of having the wrong bike.  Monster truck tires and a Lefty fork make for a bomber package.  Then you have the totally redesigned Synapse.  A light, racy endurance road bike with disc brakes, thru axles, and clearance for 32’s.  This bike screams GFE and GFG.  I’ve been riding one for the last few weeks and I’m loving it.  I’ll be sharing some of my adventures with it on here, you can also follow along on Strava.  Better yet get some of that new bike buzz for yourself!  Our friends at NWTB are giving a 10% discount to all Gran Fondo participants!

Cannondale Synapse Hi Mod Disc Red ETap

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