Gran Fondo Ephrata Coundown

We are down to the final week leading up to the 2013 Gran Fondo Ephrata and a couple of us got out and rode the course last weekend.  Overall it was in great shape.  We came across a little snow on top of Norton Canyon, but that will easily be all be dried by March 10.  I was running a standard 700×23 road tire on my Trek Cronus cyclocross bike.  A road bike would do just fine too, but I think a 700×25 tubeless road tire would be the cats meow.  The weather is the big unknown here.  Every year we pre-ride with great conditions, but come the big day get slammed with foul weather.  Is this going to be the year we break the curse?  See you March 10 for a ride that is sure to leave its mark, regardless of the weather.

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