Good Bye Tubes

Could this really be happening? I’ve had an on again off again relationship with tubeless for as long as I can remember, yet here I am, writing a blog titled “Good Bye Tubes.” Somehow I’ve managed to forget all the late nights (usually before a big race) I’ve spent in my garage cursing Stan and the whole tubeless movement as I’m covered in goo and installing a tube in my miserable attempt at going tubeless. Sure you could do it the “right” way and buy a UST rim and tire, but what fun would that be. After all, Stan’s little video made the conversion look so easy. My latest efforts however have been much cleaner with much less cursing. I attribute this lack of cursing to the “tubeless ready” tires and rims. They seat way easier with a UST-like tire to rim connection without the weight penalty of a true UST set up. I’m currently running a 2.25 Bontrager 29-3 TLR at 20-25 psi with two cups of Stan’s on a Bontrager tubeless ready rim with great results on my Gary Fisher Rig.

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  1. Anyone can chime in here and correct me if I’m mistaken, but I believe “tubeless ready” is different from true tubeless (UST) in that the tire is not air tight. It has a heavier sidewall and bead than a standard tire, but still requires the use of sealant, making it lighter than a true UST tire which does not require sealant. A tubeless ready rim will have the tubeless bead, but still need a rim strip to seal the spoke holes. I use Gorilla tape to seal the spoke holes. It seems to be more durable because I am able to cut it wider than Stans yellow tape. The yellow tape always ends up sticking to the bead of the tire for me, so the first tire change and it”s shot. I also learned that co2 will separate or break down Stans sealant.

  2. Check out the youtube from Stans- they have some good pointers and solutions to running tubeless. Me- 3 years w/o a tube in my mtn bikes, and not necessarily “ust” or “2bliss” or “tubeless ready” systems either.

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