Goldendale recap

Still riding out the Goldendale buzz, so much fun!

We arrived in town at around noon on Saturday, got our base of operations set up and got to marking the course.  I brought Brooklynn along to help.  She was great, anytime I needed someone to sleep in the passenger seat, or say “wow, look at that mountain” she took care of it.  Marking took a bit longer than I expected, there’s lots of turns.  We got back just in time to turn around and head out to the Windy Ridge Saloon for an Irish Death and early check in (in that order).  Any excuse we can come up with to hang out at a cool bar with bike friends.  After that it was off to bed.  At 4 am I was up to do one last preview of the course (Brooklynn wasn’t interested in coming).  I got back at about 7 and the ladies had reg all set up with not much left for me to do.

We got our speech out of the way and got started right on time at 9 am.  Looking in my mirror at this mass of cyclists behind me as we roll through town is always one of my favorite parts of the day.  From there I tried to be a little bit of everywhere, but not anywhere too much.  It was a lot of fun seeing everyone out there enjoying the ride.  It’s always a little scary with a new ride.  I made it back to the finish line just in time to see the first rider of the day Rusty Dodge come in.  Everyone looked pretty tired and at the end thanks to Horseshoe Bend climb, rollers on top of roller on top of rollers, and a little headwind for a bonus.  The ladies at the Grange did a great job of feeding us, big thanks to them!  Also to our Lyle aid station and Horseshoe Bend aid station volunteers.  Great support from the community!

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  1. Thanks for putting together a great day. I can’t compliment you enough on how well you marked the course and placed the aid station. Well done!

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