GFW Update

It has been a crazy fire season once again and that is always a concern at a late season event in the mountains such as Gran Fondo Winthrop.  To the best of my knowledge the only fire in the area is the Diamond Creek fire located well north of the course.  After a moto preview on Sept 10 I was relieved to find clear blue skies with just the faintest hint of smoke for a brief moment on the far side of Freeze out pass.  While I would still not make any promises yet as a lot can happen in two weeks, at this moment I have no reason to believe there would be any reroutes or cancellations.  All that leaves you to worry about is the 11,000′ of climbing and the jagged gnar that the Forest Service refers to as “roads.”

GFW Course
Final pull up Freeze out pass.
GFW Course
This was where they may have been a whiff of smoke in the air, doesn’t really show up in photo.

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  1. Hello and happy Tuesday! Looking forward to the ride. At least I’m pretty sure. I am registered and was wondering if there is a packet pickup prior to the ride or do we just show up at the start day of ride with proof of entry ? Thanks!

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