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First of all, we have to say what an awesome time we had with the 2012 Fat Tire Revolution Series!!!  We want to thank all the racers who gave this new series a go and hope you had a good time with it.  After six races and a two week vacation to recover from said six races we’re looking to 2013 and we’d love your input!  We’d really like to grow next year, both in attendance and number of events.  So, where should we go next year and what should we do to attract more racers?

This series absolutely could not have happened without all of the awesome volunteers!  Everything from dedicated locals helping make their hometown course rad, to our “repeat offenders” who were out week after week working behind the scene, making it happen.  We can’t thank you enough, you efforts are much appreciated!

11 thoughts on “Future of FTR

  1. There is some great stuff up in the Chiwawa River Valley. Maybe like a Minnow Ridge/Chikamin loop with a DNR road to start and spread the field. Great singletrack.To add a race to the schedule. Not sure who to talk to @ the Forest Service. But I could at least find out if you are intersted.I always thought a race on that loop would be spectacular.

  2. Bring back the Beacon Bomber in Spokane. It was a very popular race course and would get the Spokane crowd more involved in the series.

    Bring back Riverside Revenge in Spokane. This race should be done the weekend before the 24 hours of Riverside. The course would already be set up by round and round and it would be very useful as a pre-ride for all the 24 hour racers.

    Add the Devils Slide in Lewiston to the roster. It is a fabulous course and a great early season race.

    Bring back the Finley hills challenge. Another popluar course from a great cycling community.

    1. Beacon could be cool, I haven’t been there since WIM days though… I feel like most people have probably had their fill of Riverside without needing another event there. Devils Slide is so so (tackweed, dust, wind), could be good for early season. Finley is a dump… literally. I was there this spring scouting and it would take a lot of work to bring it back. So far I’m liking Beacon, anything else?

  3. Have you considered bringing back the race at Greenwater? Best balanced course in the NW. Massive fire road climb (great for passing), epic singletrack downhill, and wicked singletrack along the white river.

  4. I think you should migrate more to the Westside so I don’t have to drive so far. Selfish I know. Great series this year. I can’t wait to move up in class next year.

  5. I’m with Levi! A lot of the events were just too far for me. I wanted to do Leavenworth but had a conflict. The White River course was awesome and I miss it.

  6. A suggestion for a statewide series. Make it ‘best 6 out of 8’. That way Westsiders can skip the furthest races from them (say if you have races in spokane or lewiston), and Westsiders can skip the furtest races from them (say if you have a race in port angeles etc..). Or make it best 8 out ten, you get the idea….

  7. I think you might be on the verge of something even greater than this year (and I am still high from this year’s race series) by taking some of the great suggestions on this page.

    An East meets West…Capitol Forest…Greenwater…Port Angeles…Leavenworth…Beezly…Roslyn…Spokane…Wenatchee…Echo Valley…Chelan…Winthrop…

    I like the 7 out of 10 idea.

  8. A race in Yakima would be fun, there is some great riding in the Cascades right out of town. We are also adding to our local trails, this year might be too soon for those depending on how much gets done this winter!

  9. All of this talk and feedback on racing is making me really press the issue to move back to the Pacific Northwest! Sounds like Jake’s races are as good as ever!

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