delete winter

I know it’s still winter and all, but man, I’m getting excited for riding and racing this season.  Nothing like a week of sunshine and 40 degree temps to get your cycling mojo going.  Although as nice as the sunshine may be, much of my enthusiasm to ride lately comes from my desire to avoid making a fool of myself at the March 3rd Echo Red 2 Red mountain bike race.  Unfortunately, all of the sunshine in the world is not going to change that.  I’m also looking forward to Gran Fondo Ephrata on March 31st.  It’s such a cool ride through unique terrain.  While I don’t actually get to ride on March 31st you can bet I’ll be out there on more that one sunny day between now and then just to make sure all those hills are still there.  Registration is about half full right now.  Not long after GF we jump head first into the Fat Tire Revolution Series at the Beezley Burn on April 28th.  I’ve yet to decide whether I’ll be racing or running around in shorts that are too short and yelling at people.  Both sound good, but either way I’m going to get as much of this February sun as I can get!


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