Inside GFL

By Brig Seidl

The uber-prestigious Vicious Cycling Gran Fondo series hit its midway point of the season with the popular Leavenworth round on May 21st which was, coincidentally, the first genuinely hot day in what seems like an eternity. In fact I tried Googling “last blue sky day above 75 degrees + Washington” to find out when exactly we’d last seen the sun and felt its warming rays but got a “Search Failed! Out of Memory Error”. Continue reading “Inside GFL”


By Brig Seidl

So the marketing gurus in the Ivory Tower that is Ridge Cyclesport’s world headquarters in Wenatchee, WA have been wantonly adorning Ridge kits on every upstart cyclocross aspirant and Gran Fondista wannabe who stands still long enough to such an extent that I no longer even know the majority of my own team members by name or face. And everywhere I go – races, bike shops, Home Depot – I see the familiar kaleidoscope of colors that is the unmistakable mark of that revered kit. So it was a bit of a surprise at the first major race of the season, the Goldendale Gran Fondo, to see that headquarters had only dispatched 2 measly Ridge Cyclesport team members for this illustrious event. Fortunately it was the 2 good ones. Continue reading “GFG RR”

As Good as it Gets

Wow, Gran Fondo Goldendale is one spectacular ride.  And I’m not just saying that because I want to sell more registrations, I’m saying that as a dude who rides bikes a lot and is blown away by how rad it is.  But lets back up a bit, you may remember the story from last year where I participated in GFG.  It was awesome and I had hoped I could pull it off again this year.  As the event drew near I could see the pieces of the puzzle falling into place.  I have such rad family of volunteers!  Everything came together nicely and by 9:00 am Sunday morning all of the work that goes into these feels soooo worth it.  Especially when your on a bike!  Again, Brooklynn successfully led us out of town (you never know with her) and we were on our way.  The sun was out and GFG was as spectacular as ever.  Snowy mountain peaks (5? I lost count) some road, some gravel, little climbs, big climbs, twisty rippin fast down hills, still buzzin from it all.  I will spare you my long winded story as it would sound very much like last year: ride hard trying to hang with guys that are too fast for me, realize that part way through, and spend the rest of the ride paying dearly for it.  But somehow still getting across the finish line with a reasonable time.  Awesome day!!!  Again, gotta give it up for my crew, so awesome to just go ride my bike and know that GFG is in good hands!

GFG 2016
All smiles rollin out of town.
Top of Horseshoe Bend, Hood and Adams on the horizon.

On The Otherside of The Megaphone at B&B

The Bavarian Bike and Brew Festival has always been one of my favorite events.  Since my first time in 07 I think I have only missed one.  It tends to suit my style, a long grind to the top, then a long bomber downhill… that finishes in a beer garden, told you it fit my style.  Continue reading “On The Otherside of The Megaphone at B&B”