On The Otherside of The Megaphone at B&B

The Bavarian Bike and Brew Festival has always been one of my favorite events.  Since my first time in 07 I think I have only missed one.  It tends to suit my style, a long grind to the top, then a long bomber downhill… that finishes in a beer garden, told you it fit my style.  This was a big year for the B&B too, after the logging that took place last year and left us with a course that was barely recognizable James and company (Evergreen Mtb Alliance) rebuilt the downhill and made a masterpiece of banked swoopy awesomeness.  I had pre-ridden the course so knew what to expect on the new stuff, and had raced enough in the past I knew what to expect everywhere else: lots of pain and probably wicked hot.  My prediction was spot on.  I suffered dearly on the long climb (I swear that thing gets longer every year) followed by a downhill that was soooo fun it convinced me to do the climb again.  But alas the third lap came around and my house of cards came crashing down.  Even with my rigorous training and strict diet plan (heavy sarcasm) I knew that the 38 min lap I had wrung out on lap one would be next to impossible to do two more times.   As I began to fade a little on lap two I told myself I would just go a little faster on the downhill to make up for it, truly the thinking of a desperate man.  But by lap three no amount of downhill could possibly salvage what I had done on the climb.  In an effort to keep this family friendly I will spare you the obscene number that was lap three.  In the end I rode hard and was thoroughly spent at the finish, it was a good day.  We wrapped up the Fat Tire Revolution series with awards, and of course had a cold beer.

We had a blast with the series this year and want to thank all that were a part of it.  Such a great mtb family we have, can’t wait to see you all again next year!!!

Bike and Brews
Bike and Brews (photo by Bryan MacDonald)

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