Best of 2019

2019 was an epic ride.  Starting out with a late winter blast that left the GFE course buried, and unrecognizable.  Despite a drastically altered course blue skies prevailed, and we ended up with a pretty extraordinary ride.  Goldendale reminded us that we’re riding through a wind farm, don’t be surprised if it blows.  It builds character, and the views are worth it  Leavenworth had heavy rains leading up to it, and we had fully expected to delete Swakane, but at the last minute we opted to include it and other than a couple unavoidable mud puddles on top it was awesome!  Ellensburg looked nice in the pics (that’s all that really matters anyway) but had a west wind blowing that made your legs feel like lead about the time you hit So Cle Elum Ridge climb.  Tailwind all the way back though, woohoo!  Winthrop was about as good as it gets.  Keep in mind we are talking about a 90 mile ride with 10,000+ ft of climbing on the some of the toughest forest service road around.  But wow, that blue sky and fall colors!  Hope 2019 was as good to you as it was us.  Registration for 2020 opens Feb 1st, see you out there!

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