A Bit of June

I’m not sure what happened to June.  Lots of racing and crazy weather is the short story (and apparently no blog updates).  It all started way back on June 2nd at Bike and Brews.  We had a great turn out for some awesome racing and beer garden shenanigans.  I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the racing and the shenanigans.  Loved it too, Leavenworth is so dialed!  The very next weekend was round 2 of the NW Epic Series at Echo Valley.  I had been looking forward to it since our race at Echo in May.  I felt way better at Echo than at Stotty and therefore was able to blow myself up much faster.  Nothing that a third lap Clif Bar and gel shot couldn’t cure.  Well maybe not cure, but definitely get me through the last lap as good as I could hope for after 60 miles.   The very next weekend was the Squilchuck Chainsmoker.  We qualified some for nationals and thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone suffer on a wicked brutal course.  After that we were up at Sun Mountain for the Big Ring Bash in Winthrop where a rain the night before left the trails in perfect condition.  It was the type of race that I kept thinking of “very important” race promoter kinda stuff that needed my attention on the course.  Whether I had a BOB Trailer behind me or not I couldn’t help but giggle each time.   So that’s about it.  I’ve spent the rest of my time relaxing on the beach drinking margaritas.  We have our local Summer Crit Series kicking off here this Tuesday, that’s always fun.  Also the final Fat Tire Revolution race on July 21 in Roslyn.  Hope to see you all soon!  xoxo


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