60 @ Stottlemeyer

I should have known better.  Most people put a fair amount of planning and training into a 60 mile mountain bike race.  Not me.  In my defense I have been too busy to train or sign up for races.  That’s what I tell myself.  It was a last minute decision that I really didn’t think through.  Brooklynn and I bombed over in the Subaru early Saturday morning for round 1 of the NW Epic Series, the Stottlemeyer 30/60.  It wasn’t long after the start that I realized everyone was faster than me.  I can be in the trees and tech and just rippin’ (what I think)  yet their stacking up behind me and gapping me in front.  Fortunately I have concocted a brilliant excuse.  I’m slower in the tight stuff because I’m tall and ride a big bike.  That, and I suck.  All excuses aside, it was a great course and I had lots of fun.  Congrats to Logan Wetzel, Garett Heitman and Matt Lynch.  Those guys were flying!  Thanks to Roger, Kevin, and crew for a great race, looking forward to the next NWE at Echo.


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