It’s anyone’s guess what 2021 will look like after the shit show 2020 has been.  But if everything happens to be a-ok our calendar will look like what you see below.  Please please please use the lightest of pencil and have a large eraser nearby as we are going on a wing and a prayer here and hoping for the best.

Gran Fondo Ephrata – March 28
Gran Fondo Goldendale – April 25
Gran Fondo Leavenworth – May 23
Gran Fondo Ellensburg – June 13
Gran Fondo Winthrop – Sept 18

Overen Summit
Overen Summit

One thought on “2021???

  1. I was once told “The value of a lotto ticket is not the chance of winning; it is in the days or hours that you get to have fun thinking about what you would do if you win”
    And so while I REALLY so very much hope these events go as planned; even if they do not, having these on the calendar is getting me out of bed and on the trainer every morning to be ready when they do!
    I have never got to do one of your events, 2020 was going to be the year…. and now 2021 will be.

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