Winthrop update

This time of year there are many hazards putting on an event; fires, snow, sleet, torrential rain, cyclocross… so as you can imagine it’s always a relief to find our course in such good condition. That is of course assuming you’re idea of good, is a heinous amount of climbing over 90 miles of north cascade gnar. We are still one week out, so no promises as things can change fast in the high country, but so far things are shaping up for a great weekend, no smoke, highs around 70, and a splash of fall colors. We’ll be sending out an email to all registered riders with need to know last minute details, but a few freebies in the meantime: ride starts at 8:00am Saturday, it’s going to be colder than you think at 8am in Winthrop. It’s going to be even colder at 7000’. You will wish you had bigger tire.


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