SPINdependent is a winter “spin class” lead by Jake Maedke where participants will build their aerobic base and learn some fundamentals of cycling and fitness. Participants will ride their own bikes set up on an indoor trainer.  This is a far more productive form of training for cyclists rather than mindlessly flogging yourself at a typical spin class.  We will focus on form, technique, and efficiency.  Classes are progressively designed to increase endurance, strength, and efficiency for cyclists and triathletes.  It is open to ALL ability levels. Anybody can do this and will benefit from it. Participants will need to bring their own bicycle and trainer (limited number of trainers available .  Courses held every Monday in January and February at the ERC from 6-7.  Please be sure register in advance.  Register here.

You’ll want to show up a little early to get set up.  Be sure to have something to drink, you will sweat a lot.  You may also want to have a towel for wiping up some of that sweat.  If you have a heart rate monitor bring it too.