The Season of Adventure

I can’t speak for the group, a few guys may have been on the bike a bit, but I have for the most part spent the month of November eating/drinking like a pig, and at best getting on my bike for the occasional Weds Nite to which I immediately cancel out any benefit with the mandatory Weds Nite post ride beverage -or six.  With that said I knew our first Winter Saturday ride would hurt a bit.  We meet at the Bookery in Eph which is a great place for a cup of coffee.  I was late, getting winter kit dialed… where’s my shoe covers, lobster or fingers, where’s my hat …#@%*!!!!  Had a good turn out though, Bill, Brian, Dave, Geordie, Kyle.  We were on the road around 9, it was overcast with wet roads and about 34 degrees.  We climbed up Baird and things were just on the verge of icy.  Where the pavement ends the road was compact snow, and yes, ice.  This slowed down the pace for sure.  We regrouped at Monument Hill road and decided that would be our best escape route.  The only catch is the giant decent off the hill in fog and snow and ice.  No worries we bombed it all banzi, gravel and snow flying, drifting the corners, totally pro… it’s true.  We made it down in one piece anyway and were greeted with bare, wet roads again, which was nice.  From there we got onto the wasteway road (gravel – well more like peanut butter with a few pieces of gravel mixed in.  Like chunky peanut butter!) way out Rd 9 then Rd A and back to Eph.  We ended up with a great variety of conditions and a solid 47 mile ride to kick off our favorite time of year!

Rollin out the winter rides
Rollin out the winter rides.
Lets go down that huge hill!


Artsy fartsy
Top of Monument Hill. Totally entering this in the fair (not really)

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