Summer Break Project

What did you do this summer?  The events were a bust for 2020 but we know there’s been some good riding and we’d love to hear your story.  Share your ride report/pics/vid/whatever and we’ll post up our faves, insta-star!  For your efforts we’ll award a rather timely Gran Fondo Ephrata neck gaiter, and some fuel for your next adventure from Clif.

GFE Neck Gaiter
Special Edition GFE Pandemic/Wildfire Gaiter

4 thoughts on “Summer Break Project

  1. My most important ride of the summer was in honour of Mark Satkiewicz of SBT GRVL who died tragically on a ride. It was also my first ride back after a flare up of my neurological condition and fall that resulted in a concussion and me using a 4 wheel walker.

    The ride was quite short because of my health, but I probably wouldn’t have gotten back on the bike so soon if it wasn’t to honour Mark’s life. Even in death he was motivating.

    It was a beautiful evening, and the golden glow of the setting sun was filtering through the trees on some quiet local trails. The clouds orange and pink. A peaceful celebration of life.

    I’m sending out good thoughts to all, hoping that you stay safe and healthy, that you have beauty in your days, and that we all get to celebrate gravel together again next year.


  2. I finally am out on a mountain bike for the first time in four years. I rode the couch today and had a grin the entire time. The amount of work that has been put into the trails at Beezley Hill and the group of riders to support that trail system is amazing. I am so pleased to be able to ride the trails that this wonderful group has put together and I am so thankful to be on a mountain bike again. Looking forward to some group rides!

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