Seep Lakes Shake Down RR

After a three + week inversion of fog and low clouds we got our first peek of sunshine yesterday, and it was good!  So we were excited to get out and ride today.  Due to the recent snow fall we were headed south to begin our ride at Mardon, and from there head through the Seep Lake area for some gravel and the unknown.  Unfortunately it soon became apparent that we would have no sunshine.  It was going to be cloudy and cold.  We rode across the O’Sullivan dam with a light breeze rolling right up our skirts from the frozen lake.  Upping the tempo only upped the breeze.  We made a right turn on an unmarked road into the Seep Lakes area.  It was gravel and rough.  In fact gravel could be bit generous, more like rocks with washboards.  On the plus side the beating warmed us up.

Seep Lakes
Checking to see that we have not rattled loose any fillings.

We made it through, back on pavement and looped down through Othello, and what was apparently the bad side of town.  We followed an irrigation canal adjacent to a “rough neighborhood” with a lot of angry dogs.  From there we jumped on highway 26 for a jaunt then back north on another unmarked gravel road.  This one was slightly better if for no other reason it was not frozen rock solid.

Seep Lakes
Riding through time on forgotten roads.

This road took us back into the Seep Lakes area where we were again pounded into submission.  But just when we though we couldn’t take anymore we were saved.  By sweet singletrack!  This was the coolest part of the day, a nice little nature path in the middle of nowhere complete with informative trail side signage telling about the area.  Ironically it ended up being way smoother than the road too.

Seep Lakes
Sweet singletrack!

After that it was back to the beating for a couple more miles of gravel and then the final push across O’Sullivan and back to Mardon “Resort” where we hit up the local hot spot for Beef Jerkey and an Oly.  Can’t argue with that.

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