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Wow, that happened fast… So here we are, it’s nearly August.  Just wanted to thank everyone for a great season!  ( I actually wanted to do it quite awhile ago, in addition to keeping up on my rad blog, but it sorta slipped away from me).  As we look forward to next season we would love to hear from you.  Let us know what you would like to see from Vicious Cycle in 2015.  So far I can tell you (very unofficially) that we are planning to keep FTR a 5 or 6 race series, with probably a few new/old races to keep it fresh.  On the gravel side of things we are thinking of adding another “spring classic” style Fondo as well as another mega mountain one.  It would almost be like two seasons of fondo: an early spring block of three, where what the course lacks in crazy, obscene terrain mother nature makes up for in the form of pnw spring weather, then a break, then the big mountain epics.

I would also like to thank the small army of loyal volunteers that we have, much love, couldn’t do it with out you!  On that note, I’d like to mention how important volunteers are to these events, without them it simply cannot happen.  If you or someone you know would be willing to volunteer do it!  It will be everything ever dreamed and more!!!

10 thoughts on “Season Recap

  1. Did the Leavenworth Gran Fondo last year and it was my first gravel event. Was going to quit riding bikes all together somewhere out in the backcountry of the Swakane hill climb all by myself. 2 days after that ride I made new cycling goals. I am going to do all of your gravel events next year! These are awesome. Love the idea of having some early spring classics. My only thought is to add some sort of tips and tricks page on your site.
    Here are mine… Don’t wear road shoes and cleats / Put the lowest gears you have on your bike / Disc brakes sure are nice when bombing the descents / Tubeless Tires are awesome, but get something with tread. See you next year!

  2. Loved the Fat Tire Revolution and the idea of keeping it to 5-6 races. The White River Remix was my favorite course and my kids favorite. Like the idea of starting in March and ending in June. What about adding an enduro race on Beezley?
    Thank you and keep up the hard work.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of the early season. Not many people have jobs/lives that afford the ability to lay down a good base in the dead of winter. That’s when I try to maintain some aerobic capacity and build strength. Days dont get long enough to put un consistent base training until March, and I life to get at least 8 weeks in. I understand that it gets hot during the late summer…but really only on the East side. I’d like to see the Breezley burn move to mid April…as a tune up, and then a race in May, and couple in June, and maybe one each in July and August on the West side where the weather will cooperate. I just think that given the weather, daylight, and the realities of “normal” life, and the weather we have in Western WA, that the season runs too early.

  4. I only was able to do the GFG this year, but love the idea of an early season GF series. Great way to get in shape, plus GFG was such a good ride, perfect mix of distance (90 is a perfect early season challenge, not too long, but long enough to be worth the drive), difficulty (nice blend of gravel and road, without the crazy jeep trail-type roads of something like the OR Stampede) and support (just enough, at only a couple points, pretty much replicating feed zones of a licensed race of that distance). Like the commentor above I too have a family and job and limited training, but I really like the March-April time frame. I’m planning on doing Ephrata and GFG next year and would appreciate one more Spring GF (within range of Portland so it would only be a one day affair).

    Keep up the good work, can’t wait for 2015!

  5. Each year I get more addicted to your Fondos. I love the idea of adding two more to the schedule and totally agree that the rides are a great balance of distance, difficulty, gravel, and pavement. I understand the downside to starting in March, but there is also a big upside for those of us with families; the hall pass. By spreading the events out through the spring/early summer, it’s much easier to schedule time away than if they were all closer together. And it makes those cold January rides meaningful.

    Hopefully the GFL course wasn’t decimated by the fire but we’ll be there regardless. Looking forward to 2015! Thank you for putting on these great events!

  6. Did the Beacon Race, was awesome.
    Did the Winthrop fondo, was especially awesome…really hope you keep that one in play at the same time of the year.
    I’d echo one of the comments above…I’d be hard pressed to sign up for a 4-5 hour toughie in March, but I’ll try to get to every dirt/gravel fondo you host after May.

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