Officially Official

We are officially open for business.  We have a Duathlon, three Gran Fondos, and 11 rounds of the Fat Tire Revolution!  All of which are now open for registration.  The Apple Capital Spring Duathlon is a new event for us that we are excited to have handed off to us from local legend and SET Coaching founder Jason Jablonski.  Also super excited for another new thing: the Gran Fondo Triple.  This is going to be crazy, Ephrata, Leavenworth, and Winthrop, each with it’s own unique rugged terrain, but all with LOTS of climbing!  People are either going to love them or hate them, not quite sure.  The Fat Tire Revolution is up to 11 events, featuring cross country, short track, and enduro, with four new venues.  It’s going to be a great year for mountain biking!  With all of this going on be sure to register early to ensure your spot.  Yep, it’s going to be a busy spring/summer, can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “Officially Official

  1. Question on the mtb series points: It states ‘best 8 out of 11’ events count towards the series points total. I am to take it this means the short tracks count equally towards series points as the mtb races? Follow up question, since the short tracks are ‘grouped’ (i.e. all cat 2 start at same time), will individual category points be broken out? i.e. will someone racing men’s cat (2) 20-29 be scored seperate than somone racing men’s cat (2) 30-39, or will 12th place simply be 12th place? Thanks in adance! This years series looks outstanding, I am really looking foward to it!

    1. You got it Eric, short track, enduro, cross county, they all count equally towards series points. At the short track, even though all Cat 2 start together, you will be scored in your respective division (i.e. cat 2 (35-44). So you could be the 12th person across the line, but win your group. Make sense? Having all of these races count the same definitely mixes it up a bit, and should keep things exciting.

  2. Just read about your triple Gran rondo series in the Seattle times. I’m gonna slap some fatter tires on my road bike and get ready for the Leavenworth ride. Cant wait!

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