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Posted on: November 17th, 2013 by jakemaedke 9 Comments

So here it is.  The off season.  What to do now.  Sure there are still a few cross races out there, but things are starting to slow down.  My off season began Aug 4th following our final big event.  I’m not going to lie, I was tired and ready for a break.  I figured I would just unplug from bicycles and get away from it all for a spell.   But the more I tried to get away the more I just wanted to ride.  And so I did.  Not any big training rides or well thought out plan, just riding.  A couple cross races, a couple big dumb 90+ mile rides, just riding my bike for the fun of it.  And that brings us to the 2014 schedule.  Wait, how does that bring us the 2014 schedule you ask?  Well, with all of that riding I’ve had some time to think it over and here’s what I’ve come up with.  I think FTR was a bit much this year.  Eight weekends with 11 events, sheesh, what were we thinking?  So lets settle down a little here, how about, lets say five weekends, start a little earlier, end a little earlier, maybe a double header or two, maybe not.  Sound good?  I’m also thinking of adding another Gran Fondo for 2014.  I sure have been enjoying getting off the beaten path and finding the road less traveled.  So look for some more of that next year.  We are real close to having some tentative dates out so stay tuned!


Going big* at Stevens Pass. *4-6 inches of sick air for sure!

GFE Summer

Enjoying Gran Fondo Ephrata. Late summer style




…and of course a little cx

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9 Responses

  1. Carl says:

    Let’s see some MTB races during the summer too. I would rather start racing in june and end in august.

  2. jakemaedke says:

    Carl, I’m here to please and would be down with more of a summer series, however our numbers nosedive every year after June. Not sure why, maybe people are burned out by then/family vacations/too hot…

  3. brider says:

    Another Fondo would be awesome. Loved Leavenworth (but hey, can we have a different final climb?).

  4. eric says:

    Jake, I think your Grand Fondo Leavenworth is on the same day as the NW Epic Chelan event. (May 31st). Don’t make us choose my good man…

  5. eric says:

    March 31st is a Monday, is Ephrata on March 30th??
    The TBA Grand Fondo in listed on April 12th, this is the same weekend as the Spokane Bike Swap, any chance of pushing it to April 19th?

    • jakemaedke says:

      Beezley Burn is on Saturday March 29. April 12 was selected as a GF date to allow a weekend off between our next event April 26 at Beacon. Back to back weekends gets to be a lot to ask of our volunteers. But I’ll take that into consideration. Thanks.

  6. Albert says:

    Jake, I talked to you last year about the Clydesdale cat. My idea is to use BMI for determining this category. I have friends over 200 lbs and are studs at 6’6″. I feel BMI gives more indication of the body type than a flat 200 lbs. Whaddya think?

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