Goodbye White River Remix

We are sorry to say it but the White River Remix scheduled for June 27 has been canceled. Its too bad, because it is such a rad place too… big gnarly climb, bomber downhill, old school mtb racing at it’s finest.  Also a great venue to hang out, camp, and ride even more rad trails the next day.  Unfortunately though, we get our lowest numbers at this event.  It has been a break even affair at best.  Add to that the fact that NWEpic Series has changed the date of Capitol Forest from late Aug to, you guessed it, June 27 and there’s just no way it can survive.  Again, sorry folks, hope to have a strong showing at FTR this year and come back swinging next year!

13 thoughts on “Goodbye White River Remix

  1. Have to agree with poo on nwepic series moving the Cap Forest date. August was a perfect time for the CF event, and respecting other promoters dates helps participants too.

  2. but maybe last year’s attendance was down due to the rain?
    Sad to see this race gone. Is there another date that would work?

    1. Yeah, it’s a bummer for sure. Last year may have been due in part to the weather, it wasn’t great, but that’s racing, could just as easily do the same thing again this year. However we had almost the exact same turn out as the previous year. Unfortunately this year is booked and there’s no where else for it to fit in the schedule. We are hoping for a strong season for the FTR and to come back strong next year.

    1. I’m with Becky. Great job Maedkes! I love the White River course but que sera, sera. There is a lot of other potential out there! Looking forward to the season and exploring more ftr opportunities in the future.

  3. Bummer – that was a good ride – even in the rain. That was my first time on the course and I was shocked when I started seeing camp sites – I figured: Its over – just coast it in. Uh – no.

  4. Bummer – just got back into this whole ‘race downhill and slug uphill as an oldish guy trying to turn back time’ thing. Signing up for all the series this year, really sad this one went away. Bikes and Brews lured me in last year to get back into good fighting shape. Hope to see it in the future!

  5. Oh Shoot! I was planning on having a “strong” finish. White River/Buck Creek seems destined to die as a lot of other races have fizzled here too.

    On another note: You could get an ultra epic Ellensburg Fondo by going out Shushuskin? Canyon, over old Durr Rd, up N. Wenas, over Umtanum Rd (Ellensburg Pass) and back to town. I would ride a MTB with fast treads or a burly CX. Just a Team Hilti NW/Set Coaching 2 Cents worth.

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