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As mentioned earlier it has been one heck of a winter, for better or worse.  In the case of Gran Fondo Ephrata it just may have been okay after all. We hit the GFE lotto in terms of weather, which we will probably pay for next year.  In fact we had a solid 3-4 days of nasty weather on either side of it, but for race day (it’s not a race) it was beautiful clear blue skies, albeit cool.  We had a full house with 203 riders starting the day.  The re-route immediately changed the dynamics of the ride when instead of the challenging climb up Norton Canyon to start things off we had a nice long neutral roll out, followed by 17 miles of twisty country roads.  Overen Rd was the first substantial climb, but it is fairly gradual and the gravel was packed so smooth it just may have been better than the county chip sealed roads.  The top of Overen and fast sweeping downhill that follows is about as good as it gets.  The Baird spring tunnel was wet, but did NOT have water running through it on Saturday, so that was a bit of a surprise.  Speaking of surprise, how about that old highway, the sand gets a little deeper every year, such a contrast to the rest of the ride.  That’s how we roll.  That and Three Devils, yikes, that never gets easier.  All in all a great time, always amazed at the level of awesomeness all of you bring to these events!  Hope to see you all in Goldendale!


Life is good at the top of Overen.


Baird Tunnel
Flowing through the Baird tunnel.


Grinding up Stuhmiller.


Aid Station
Refueling for the Palisades pull and 3D.


Gran Fondo Ephrata
Fast guys drilling it on the Devils.


2 thoughts on “GFE Recap

  1. Personally I liked the profile of this year’s GFE. The flat roll out offered more time for a good warmup before the first climb and the additional climbing added to the end of the course was great for an early-season fondo. Purists may disagree with the route, but you can’t complain about the condition of the dirt. Thanks for a great event.

  2. Looking at the profile, I thought the reroute would be easier, in actuality, I think it was harder. It was a nice change though, and that dirt was oh so nicely hardpacked.

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