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We are two weeks out from Gran Fondo Ephrata and things are looking good!  A few of us got out for some GFE stoke this weekend and found that all roads are clear and rolling fast.  In fact Baird is probably the best it’s ever been.  AND the weather forecast looks great for the foreseeable future.  Sounds like this is a home run, what could go wrong?  Well, we’re two weeks out, lots can go wrong.  The medio course has already seen some county road grading, and new “gravel” patches on Overen.  It’s still mostly awesome, but there are a few chunky spots.  I guess what we’re saying here is there’s a ton of variables on these rides, that’s part of what makes them cool.  Overall, it is shaping up to be very good, but come prepared, and ready for whatever gets thrown your way, because just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you don’t!

Overen Summit
Overen Summit


This photo of a freshly graded Overen Road brought to you by Clif.


Fresh Gravel
More fresh gravel with Rapha shoe covers that were overkill on this sunny day.


The best part of this photo is what you can’t see, the 20 mph tail wind, woohoo!


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  1. Please tell me this event is still happening given the coronavirus news.. promise to wash my hands and limit snot rockets

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