GFE Countdown

Gran Fondo Ephrata is exactly one month out with only 27 spaces left (as of Feb. 16 at 10:30 pm)  This will fill up soon, don’t wait!  We’ve had a very mild winter here so far, thus allowing us lots of riding on gravel roads normally snowed in.  Heck, I did the whole gfe course in early Jan which is pretty much unheard of.  I believe all of this will make for a memorable Gran Fondo Ephrata this year.  Good or bad… I don’t know, but memorable.

Gran Fondo Ephrata 2013
Gran Fondo Ephrata 2013

6 thoughts on “GFE Countdown

  1. So Jake, while I was busy staging a hunger strike protest in an effort to get you to re-instate Watt Canyon back into the FTRS everyone else rushed out and registered for the Ephrata Gran Fondo and now it is sold out! You fight the good fight for you fellow racers and look how they treat ya. Upon my faith it’s a little tough. So I will wait to turn my cranks in anger at Beezley, and pity those fast mouse clickers who get in my way.


  2. Will you be using the same tire for all the Fondos? You mentioned a beefy road tire for GFE, I was just wondering if that will be appropriate for all the races, or are we going to need something CX-ier for Winthrop/Leavenworth? I’m trying to figure out how many sets of tires I need to buy. Thanks! Really looking forward to Eph, Winthrop, and Leavenworth, sorry I can’t make Gdale!!

  3. Sorry I missed this comment Colin! I would run the Hutchinson Sectors at GF Eph and Gold, but just those two. For Leavenworth and Winthrop I’m on a Specialized Trigger tubeless. I have had great luck with both of these tires set up on my Dura Ace wheels, but so much of it is personal preference…

    1. If you click on the “Course map” link on the Gran Fondo Ephrata page it will take to Garmin Connect where you’ll see a course map with an elevation profile. You can also upload this directly to your Garmin or smart phone.

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