Fondo Finalization

Our schedule is up, and while I’m always hesitant to say it’s “final” it pretty much is.  Our big thing we are excited about is Goldendale!   This is an awesome ride, I did it a couple weeks ago and loved it.  Amazing views, fun rolling terrain, just a great ride.  In other news you may have noticed Ellensburg was on the tentative schedule and is now gone.  Couple things happening here.  First of all we omitted Winthrop in the first draft of the schedule.  Main reason was weather.  It is so tough to get that high (7000′!) and time it right.  Last year we chose to play it safe snow wise and go Aug. and kind of lucked out.  Yes there was a torrential monsoon of a storm that passed through, but I still say we lucked out.  One week before the event we were out on the course getting things dialed and it was 90 degrees!  I don’t care how many people say they are ok with the heat, I’m telling you on a ride of that magnitude people would be dropping like flys in the heat.  I had already done a bunch of exploring around Elllensburg and figured it was time to pull the trigger on that and put it in place of Winthrop.  But the deeper I dug into it the more I realized I was going to need more time than was available.  I would rather put it off a year than rush into it and half ass it.  See you in 2015 Eburg!  Back to Winthrop.  We actually got a lot of requests for this so it works out well.  Looking forward to another great ride in the Methow and happy to be there a little earlier in the year.

And here comes the high pressure sales part.  You knew it was coming.  Registration for all four Fondos will open Feb 1.  Yeah, like THIS Saturday.  The day before the Superbowl – Go Hawks!  Each page will have a link to register.  These are all pre-reg only and are limited to no more than 200 riders.  This ensures they will be cool rides and not lame sell outs with 1000 crazies killing the vibe.

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