My First Burn

Anybody out there race the original Beezley Burn back in the day.  I mean waaaaay back in the day, like 1992?  Remember that?  It was only around for a few years.   I was like 13 or so and had a sweet Shogun Trail Breaker II.  I bought that bike for $400 at the short lived Ephrata bicycle shop.  I remember walking to the bike shop with an envelope stuffed full of every penny I owned, and then cruising home in style.  The race back then was organized by the city.  The start and finish were in the same place as we have it, but that is about all the similarities between the Beezley Burn of then and the Beezley Burn of today.  It was my first race, and all I remember is that it hurt!  Apparently my first 13 years of life had been pretty easy, because I had never experience pain quite like that.  Fast forward 15 years to 2005.  My wife and I decided we were going to resurrect the Burn.   It sounded so easy, hammer a few stakes in the ground, buy some numbers, BAM, there it is.  We had no idea what we were doing (we’re only slightly better now) but we were going for it.  We had 47 participants that year… and were totally stoked!  While the original Burn was only around for a few years, the impression it left upon me (literally) lives on.

5 thoughts on “My First Burn

  1. I rode the Beezley Burn in 1994 and had a blast. I have pictures somewhere. I remember passing everyone off trail in the sagebrush because they were descending so slowly. I think I got third in sport or something. I rode my GT Zaskar with Deore XT thumb shifters. Yeah baby! Glad to see the Burn has been resurrected. I may attempt to race it again this year or next. Good times.

  2. Me and my Klein in 92, I remember watching the pro/experts walking their bikes up the long climbing section that is no longer part of the course, I wonder why? All the way out to Oasis Park on the canal, then back all the way right next to the canal fence past the juvi center then up we went. Ugly!

  3. I did all the early races they had there. The year the Experts were walking up that climb (to the towers) is becuae someone changed the arrow to point straight up instead of left on the road climb. We got to the top & didnt know which way to go because there were no course markings. I believe they refunded our entry fees that race. Good times. The original Beezley I thought was in 91 & my second race ever. Living in Wenatchee at the time it was cool that it was so close. We camped at Oasis Park, raced the next day then drove to Cap Forest for a race on Sunday. We were hooked! I rode a sweet Klein too. 🙂

  4. I did the burn in 95 in the expert class and I remember I was in first the first lap and part of the second and then I missed a turn and before I realized I was on the wrong trail I had two guys pass me. I rode harder than I ever to catch those guys I ended up 3rd. My dad had driven me to the race and I remember him yelling at me what happen to you and I yelled back I got lost. Good race and good times. Hope to do it next year.


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