Fat Tire Revolution

Fat Tire Revolution Mountain Bike Race Series


We are proud to present the 2016 Fat Tire Revolution mountain bike race series! This is where are roots are and what it’s all about, classic cross country mountain bike racing.  We bring you five REAL mountain bike races.  What do we mean by real?  Think back to when mtb racing was good.  Yes you had to travel, but it was worth it, you’re in the mountains, you saw new places rode new trails and loved it.  Sound good?  Lets do it!

Our mission continues: to resurrect the glory days of mountain bike racing with fun, laid back events. Join the revolution!

Beezley Burn -April 2
Beacon and Legs -April 30
Chainsmoker – May 14
Bike and Brews – June 4
Big Ring Bash – June 18

Series Qualifications

  • Any and all races count toward overall series standings.
  • NO minimum races to qualify for overall series standings.
  • All ties will go the the rider that placed highest at the most recent race.
  • AND be sure to watch for rounds worth double points!

Points break down

  • Series Points 15 deep: 30, 25, 22, 19, 17, 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Pack Points 20 deep:  The number of participants that start the race are each worth a point. Example: you place 4th out of 16, you get 19 series points for forth place plus 16 pack point for a total of 35 points.
  • Fine print:  You must finish your race to receive any points.  DNF= 0 points.  Sorry it’s a cruel world out there.  You don’t have to be fast, but you do have to finish.

Team Competition

A team must have a minimum of 4 participants at a given event to be eligible for team points.  A teams top 4 finisher’s point’s will go to their team’s total in their respective categories.  Each teammate after the top 4 (up to 10) will be worth 2 points.  Top overall teams awarded in Cat 1, Cat 2, and Cat 3 at finals.


As a general rule, 3 top 3 finishes in a year and you should upgrade. We are not going to “enforce” this, however you may be subject to public mockery from your peers should you chose to sandbag. We will even allow you to take 50% of your points with you (except when upgrading to Pro) as long as you do so on or before round 3.  Remember,  mtb. racing is supposed to be about challenging yourself and encouraging others, rather than becoming the “Beginner Champion.”

Additional Info

No license needed to participate in FTR.

Categories & Age Divisions

Pro/Open Men
Pro/Open Women

Cat 1

  • Men (19-34)
  • Men (35-44)
  • Men (45+)
  • Women (19-34)
  • Women (35+)
  • Singlespeed (Men & Women)
  • Junior Boys & Girls (U19)

Cat 2

  • Men (19-34)
  • Men (35-44)
  • Men (45+)
  • Women (19-34)
  • Women (35+)
  • Masters 55+ (Men & Women)
  • Singlespeed (Men and Women)
  • Clydesdale (200+ lbs)
  • Junior Boys & Girls (U19)

Cat 3

  • Men (19-34)
  • Men (35-44)
  • Men (45+)
  • Women (19+)
  • Clydesdale (200+ lbs)
  • Jr. Boys (U11)
  • Jr. Girls (U11)
  • Jr. Boys (11-14)
  • Jr. Girls (11-14)
  • Jr. Boys (15-18)
  • Jr. Girls (15-18)

In case you’re old school, Cat 1 = Expert, Cat 2 = Sport, Cat 3 = Beginner

Obvious stuff

  • You must complete and sign a waiver at each event.
  • You must wear a helmet any time you are on your bicycle.
  • Please do not litter. This includes during your race. Let’s show the world mountain bikers are legitimate and responsible outdoor recreationalists.
  • Be kind to one another and have fun, after all, this is not the Tour de France, ENJOY!