Eburg Preview

A few weeks  back I had the opportunity to get out with a couple buddies and ride the gravel portion of GFEburg.  Way back in Feb we had ridden the road part of it but I hadn’t been on the gravel yet other than my pick up and moto.  Just as the course profile shows there’s a big climb immediately.  But as far as big climbs go I have to say it’s pretty awesome.  The gravel rolls well and there are numerous switchbacks with huge panoramas to give you the full effect of all the climbing you’ve just done.  I was running Hutchinson Sectors (700×28 tubeless) on my Trek Crocket disc and was happy with the set up.  I am admittedly a bit of a minimalist but with a little finesse if a few places this worked great.  Overall this is going to be a really good ride that I’m super excited to show off.  Good roads and a good mix of terrain.


Eburg Preview
Mega climb!
Eburg Preview
It’s this good!
Eburg Preview
Wide open spaces


3 thoughts on “Eburg Preview

  1. Hey anybody from the Seattle area wanting to carpool over to this Friday night let me know. colindmacd (at) gmail

  2. Hey Colin,
    I will also be driving from Seattle Friday, I would be up for carpooling. Where are you staying?I was planning on camping, Is there a specific campground perhaps where people camp the night before / after?

  3. Anyone doing a preview ride this weekend or weekday, probably not the entire route but certain sections like the gravel? Let me know, would love to check this out before the big event! Thanks…./RobertV

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