Double Shot

As our final round of the Fat Tire Revolution approaches we have one little kicker to keep it exciting:  double points.  There is a lot of room for change in the series overall with a double point race and we fully expect to see just that.  The course has shaped up pretty good thanks to a crew from the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and few dedicated locals.  We should even have a section of new trail available.  Longer course = less laps, less times up the climb.  (I’m sure there’s other more colorful names for the climb but for the sake of our PG blog here, that’s what we’ll refer to it as.)  As the racing action wraps up we will have our free kids race around 3, then move to the park for awards and prizes which we are shooting for around 4.  Roslyn is a great little town, be sure to support their local businesses!

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