As Good as it Gets

Wow, Gran Fondo Goldendale is one spectacular ride.  And I’m not just saying that because I want to sell more registrations, I’m saying that as a dude who rides bikes a lot and is blown away by how rad it is.  But lets back up a bit, you may remember the story from last year where I participated in GFG.  It was awesome and I had hoped I could pull it off again this year.  As the event drew near I could see the pieces of the puzzle falling into place.  I have such rad family of volunteers!  Everything came together nicely and by 9:00 am Sunday morning all of the work that goes into these feels soooo worth it.  Especially when your on a bike!  Again, Brooklynn successfully led us out of town (you never know with her) and we were on our way.  The sun was out and GFG was as spectacular as ever.  Snowy mountain peaks (5? I lost count) some road, some gravel, little climbs, big climbs, twisty rippin fast down hills, still buzzin from it all.  I will spare you my long winded story as it would sound very much like last year: ride hard trying to hang with guys that are too fast for me, realize that part way through, and spend the rest of the ride paying dearly for it.  But somehow still getting across the finish line with a reasonable time.  Awesome day!!!  Again, gotta give it up for my crew, so awesome to just go ride my bike and know that GFG is in good hands!

GFG 2016
All smiles rollin out of town.
Top of Horseshoe Bend, Hood and Adams on the horizon.

On The Otherside of The Megaphone at B&B

The Bavarian Bike and Brew Festival has always been one of my favorite events.  Since my first time in 07 I think I have only missed one.  It tends to suit my style, a long grind to the top, then a long bomber downhill… that finishes in a beer garden, told you it fit my style.  Continue reading “On The Otherside of The Megaphone at B&B”

10th Year’s a Charm

We gave a nod to the very first Beezley Burn race that started it all back in 2005 with a throw back to that course for the 10 year edition of the Beezley Burn.  We also had a record turn out and fun with the Iron Horse Brewery beer garden and bbq.  There was lots of great racing action with KBP taking the win in the pro division, and Mafia coming out strong in the team competition.  As much fun as 2005 was with 46 racers and the bbq at my parents 2015 was even better, can’t wait for 2025!


Getting some press in the Grant County Jounal

Tentative Schedule

Okay, here it is, our 2014 schedule (tentative) go ahead and let us hear it.  It IS tentative so if there is a public outrage over the streamlined FTR series, the omission of Gran Fondo Winthrop or the fact that we have a conflicting date with your “A” priority race or your mommas birthday, let us know.  It is still early and we could potentially change things if the people want.  We are here to please.

Gran Fondo-
March 16 Ephrata
April 13 TBA
June 1  Leavenworth
June 22 Ellensburg

Fat Tire Revolution-
March 29 Beezley Burn
April 26 Beacon and Legs
May 17 TBA
June 7 Bike and Brews
June 28 Greenwater

What do we think about it?  Well since you asked, we have streamlined the FTR series in an effort to make it a little more accessible.  Our numbers were down a bit this year and we’re thinking maybe it was a bit much with 11 races, tough for folks to commit to that.  So we are hopeful that 2014 will be better.  In my personal opinion I’m bummed to do this. I love mtb racing.  I feel like a solid series should have at least 6-8 races.  But a solid series should also be attracting more than 100 participants on average so maybe the answer isn’t to just keep pumping out more races.  On the Gran Fondo side of things we’re up to four for 2014.  Our “road less traveled” theme continues.  I have been loving these rides and feel like this is what the bicycle was made for.  Experiencing new places off the beaten path, miles away.

Beezley is a month earlier than normal, because we can.  Early season mtb race venues are hard to find, and the Beez is in great shape in March.  Beacon was awesome this year easily my favorite course, so we’re excited to be back on April 26.  May 17 hmm still working on that one.  Bike and Brew is on the schedule for June 7.  Not exactly sure what it will look like this year, but I am sure it will be a good time as always.  We will be at Greenwater on June 28 for our final.  Beautiful area with a ton of fun riding.

Gran Fondo Ephrata will stay in mid March.  That is a good time for it.  I love the fact that the weather is so unpredictable, that’s half the challenge.  We have April 12 set aside for a yet to be announce GF.  Have a ton of options, but haven’t settled on one.  Leavenworth is on May 31, and yes I know it’s the same date as NWE Echo, that sucks, but May is busy.  Not sure how to get around that other then just bail on May altogether.  Then on June 21 we are planning to be in Ellensburg for what should finish our season with a bang.

2012 Gran Fondo Lives Up To It’s Name

To say the Gran Fondo Ephrata is a hard ride is an understatement, even on a nice day.  This was not a nice day.  It was a day that any sane person would avoid outdoor activities.  They surely would not consider riding a bicycle on 80 miles of primitive Central Washington back roads.   Despite a bleak forecast 81 hard cyclists did just that.  There were muddy gravel roads to contend with as well as rain, snow, fog, wind, even a little hail.  It was an epic day indeed and  I am thoroughly impressed with each and every rider who crossed the finish line!

Photos on Facebook.


Top finisher: Jason VanderSluis