Weds Nite @ Freund

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Last Wednesday we rallied our local weds night group ride for a road trip to check out the new trail at Freund Canyon and for a little Bike and Brews preview.  It was sooo good, hope you can make it to the race on June 6!

Nitty Gritty Dirt Fondo

Posted on: May 11th, 2015 by jakemaedke 1 Comment

This was the first year of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Fondo by Emde Sports and I’d kind of had it on my radar for awhile, but I couldn’t bring myself to commit until Thursday.   (more…)

Le Tour de Bloom

Posted on: May 7th, 2015 by jakemaedke 2 Comments

I haven’t participated in a road race for years.  Not because I have anything against them, or because I feel bitter because I get my ass handed to me everytime, well maybe a little bit of that.  Mostly because I’m busy with other stuff (and I suck at them). (more…)

GFG and Me

Posted on: April 28th, 2015 by jakemaedke 2 Comments

This was a first for me.  I’ve participated in our mtb races before, and I’ve ridden many a gf course in my time, but always solo,  I have yet to ever participate in any of our Gran Fondo rides.  It was not something I had planned on doing either.   (more…)

Beacon Stoke

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Beacon and Legs has become a favorite for good reason, it has the funnest course on the circuit.  There, I said it.  So much flow, just can’t help but to almost enjoy a xc race.  But lest you get too comfortable it’s shaping up to have some pretty awesome racing action too.  In the Pro field the target is on KBP who is running the #1 plate and fresh off a win at the Burn.  But with names like Sam Schultz, Cole Patton, Ben Parsons, and a host of others, it’s anyone’s game.  The Cat 1 45+ is another stacked field and one to watch.  Greg Turpin took the W at Beezley, but don’t think that Doug Graver or Mike Rolcik are going to roll over.  But quite possible the best racing of the day looks to be the Cat 3 Juniors which have a bunch pre-registered.  So awesome to see, this is the future of our sport!  See you Saturday!

10th Year’s a Charm

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We gave a nod to the very first Beezley Burn race that started it all back in 2005 with a throw back to that course for the 10 year edition of the Beezley Burn.  We also had a record turn out and fun with the Iron Horse Brewery beer garden and bbq.  There was lots of great racing action with KBP taking the win in the pro division, and Mafia coming out strong in the team competition.  As much fun as 2005 was with 46 racers and the bbq at my parents 2015 was even better, can’t wait for 2025!



Getting some press in the Grant County Jounal

Stokin’ the Burn

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Get stoked because the Fat Tire Revolution is revved up and ready to roll!  We will kick it all off with the infamous Beezley Burn where we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary with a nod to 2005 and the course that started it all.   (more…)

GFE Recap

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Once again the Gran Fondo Ephrata has lived up to it’s name.  This ride has a pretty rich history of foul weather and suffering, the fact that last year was as nice as it was should’ve been an indication of what was coming.   (more…)

GFE Preview Ride

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With just one week to go before the big ride I tagged along for a “team” ride with VC boys on an abbreviated Gran Fondo Ephrata course.  The idea was to hit the first couple climbs at race pace -even though it’s not a race- (Norton and Baird) then bomb the Baird descent, all the while keeping the group together.  Part way down Baird we turn left toward Quincy and did a Palisades like paceline back to Ephrata.  I feel like the take away lesson from today’s ride was don’t be such a roadie.  Chill out, ride with your friends, and enjoy it, that’s really what it’s all about.

Conditions as of March 7 were good.  Everything is dry, even a little dusty.  Norton was recently graded, but it’s still okay.  Baird is in great shape, places are packed almost like pavement, fingers crossed that it doesn’t get graded between now and then.  The weather was awesome, sunny, 60 degrees, and not much of any wind to speak of.  Forecast is calling for a chance of rain mid week (which would be great for the course), but otherwise warm and dry.

GFE Preview

Norton Canyon is the first climb of GFE and is always a beast.

GFE Preview

A 700X28 tire is a popular choice for GFE. Our fave is the Hutchison Sector tubeless.

GFE Preview

Cresting Baird Springs rd, a good place to sit up and take it all in.

GFE Preview

Baird Springs is fast and hard packed.

GFE Preview

More fast rolling hard packed gravel.


Note: Don’t forget to charge your Garmin!

Goodbye White River Remix

Posted on: February 11th, 2015 by jakemaedke 13 Comments

We are sorry to say it but the White River Remix scheduled for June 27 has been canceled. Its too bad, because it is such a rad place too… big gnarly climb, bomber downhill, old school mtb racing at it’s finest.  Also a great venue to hang out, camp, and ride even more rad trails the next day.  Unfortunately though, we get our lowest numbers at this event.  It has been a break even affair at best.  Add to that the fact that NWEpic Series has changed the date of Capitol Forest from late Aug to, you guessed it, June 27 and there’s just no way it can survive.  Again, sorry folks, hope to have a strong showing at FTR this year and come back swinging next year!

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