It’s anyone’s guess what 2021 will look like after the shit show 2020 has been.  But if everything happens to be a-ok our calendar will look like what you see below.  Please please please use the lightest of pencil and have a large eraser nearby as we are going on a wing and a prayer here and hoping for the best.

Gran Fondo Ephrata – March 28
Gran Fondo Goldendale – April 25
Gran Fondo Leavenworth – May 23
Gran Fondo Ellensburg – June 13
Gran Fondo Winthrop – Sept 18

Overen Summit
Overen Summit

Summer Break w/Lois

Don’t let that smile fool you, Lois has been a regular at the Fondo series and is a full on badass.  This story just confirms it.  Give her a follow on Strava to see the rest of her badassery.

The Crusher EX 250

Photo Credit: Lisa

I think I have totally mastered a unique persona when it comes to cycling — I can both be completely capricious in how I sign up for insanely hard events (“that’s OK, future Lo will be ready by then”) and extremely meticulous in how I prepare for them. Unfortunately, the latter never makes up for the consequences of the former, BUT something like “perseverance” seems to mean I muddle my way to something that vaguely looks like “success” but is mostly just survival.
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Summer Break Project

What did you do this summer?  The events were a bust for 2020 but we know there’s been some good riding and we’d love to hear your story.  Share your ride report/pics/vid/whatever and we’ll post up our faves, insta-star!  For your efforts we’ll award a rather timely Gran Fondo Ephrata neck gaiter, and some fuel for your next adventure from Clif.

GFE Neck Gaiter
Special Edition GFE Pandemic/Wildfire Gaiter

Is 2020 Over Yet???

It’s been a rough year for a lot of people for sure.  We have officially just cancelled our last few events, and feel a little silly for holding on to that sliver of hope for as long as we did, thinking just maybe…   It is what it is, as they say.  As we move closer to 2021 and things come into focus we will be sending out a coupon to all of our 2020 participants good for an entry into the event of their choice.  Until then, stay positive, and keep those wheels turning, lots of good riding to come!

GFG 2019
GFG 2019

GFEburg Cancelled

The 2020 edition of Gran Fondo Ellensburg has unfortunately been cancelled due to COVID 19.  There are many factors at play in this decision, and it is not an easy call.  We are making every effort to do what’s right in these uncertain times.  All 2020 entries will be transferred to 2021 GFEburg.  We look forward to seeing you when it’s safe to do so, thank you for your support during this difficult time.


Making Lemonade

We put ourselves though all sorts of misery on the bike, intervals, climbs, rain/sleet/snow, all in the hope for strength and endurance… on the bike.  We find ourselves needing that strength and endurance now more than ever, as we shift our focus from bike to flattening the curve and staying away from so many things we used to take for granted.  We are all in this together though, and we are committed to getting through this safely. Then making the best of what we have left.

This is a bit messy but here goes:

Gran Fondo Ephrata will be rescheduled (again) to Oct 18.  All registered riders will be automatically entered in.

Gran Fondo Goldendale is cancelled.  We will automatically transfer all registered riders to the 2021 edition.

Gran Fondo Leavenworth is rescheduled to Oct 4.  All registered riders will automatically be entered in.

Gran Fondo Ellensburg is a wait and see.  If unsafe to do so we would cancel and transfer entries to 2021.

Hopefully things will be better by the end of September and Winthrop will be business as usual, along with the other rescheduled fall events. We know this new calendar isn’t ideal, but hopefully will give us something set our sights on and get us through this.  We look forward to seeing you all when it’s safe to do so again.  Thank you for your support through his tough time.  Please stay safe out there.

Better Days

Bad news.  It seems there’s no shortage of it lately.  We went from sad about postponing GFE to unsure of our whole season, and very real concerns for the health and safety of our country.  Our day to day lives have been turned upside down as we all try to adapt to the new norm in an ever changing landscape.  We are definitely in for some hard times.  Businesses will struggle, families will struggle, our economy and our sanity will be crushed.  Through it all though, know that better days will come.  As cyclists we have the uncanny ability to block out the pain (come on legs, one more climb!) and zero in on the end goal, the finishline.  Life lessons, courtesy of your friend the bicycle.  The one friend you don’t have to stay distant from.  We believe in bikes.  And as long as it is advisable, we believe you should ride your bike.  Away from others.  Fresh air in your lungs, wind in your face.  The physical and mental benefits are immeasurable, especially in times like these.  Stay positive, stay active, and stay away.  We look forward to seeing you on the other side of this.

Better Days
Better Days

GFE Postponed

Gran Fondo Ephrata has never been an easy event. Ask around and you will hear fables of frigid rain, sideways snow, and leg cramps on Three Devils.  This year however we are facing a new challenge.  One that we cannot simply dig deep and keep pedaling through.  After much deliberation we have come to the conclusion that we will err on the side of safety for our cycling community, our volunteers, and our little town of Ephrata and postpone this event.  This has not been an easy decision to come to and we appreciate your patience through the process.  You will be receiving a coupon good for the Gran Fondo Ephrata Fall Classic on Oct 4.  Should that not work for you, the coupon is good for any 2020 Vicious Cycle Event.  We are truly humbled by the outpouring of support we get at these events and want to thank you for riding with us.  Please be safe out there, see you down the road.

– Jake, Karen, and crew
Gran Fondo Ephrata
March 15, 2015 9:00 am, 40 degrees and raining, but that is not about to stop 200 hardened cyclists from taking on 80 miles of desolate central WA back roads.
Gran Fondo Ephrata
Stuhlmiller and the old highway is tough on a good day, gritty hell on a wet day. -2015
Gran Fondo Ephrata
Things went from bad to worse… -2015
Gran Fondo Ephrata
Morning snow showers made the Three Devils a special treat on this day back in 2013
Gran Fondo Ephrata rider coming out of the fog
A cold morning fog greeted riders on top of Baird Springs in 2011.

GFE Update

Welcome to Gran Fondo Ephrata!
At VC we are serious about bikes, fun and promoting the cycling community.  In an effort to protect the cycling community we all enjoy, we have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and would appreciate everyone observe the following guidelines.
-If you, or anyone in your home is ill, please stay home.
-If you are over 60, or have underlying health conditions it is advised that you avoid large group activities.
-PLEASE wash hands often, and avoid touching your face, hand shakes, high fives, etc.
-Cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow when coughing or sneezing.
Every effort will be made to ensure your safety.  We will have hand sanitizer at registration and aid stations, please bring your own for on the bike.
The provided food will look different as well, for your safety aid stations will have only pre-packaged foods.
Wild Spring Weather:
It has become a rich tradition at Gran Fondo Ephrata to have adversity.  This year will be no different.  For starters we have a beautiful spring forecast… right up until Friday, then it is supposed to get cold, rain, and/or snow.  These rides have always been part road, part gravel, part adventure.  We will not know for sure how things look until Saturday, but will do our very best to deliver a fun/safe/challenging event.  Any course changes will be posted asap.  Please come prepared, warm clothes, lots of layers, and a lust for adventure!
Weekend Details:

Vicious Cycle Gran Fondo season is finally here and we can’t wait to kick things off with Gran Fondo Ephrata this Sunday.  We’ll have early check in available Saturday evening at the Pita Pit from 7:00-8:00 pm.  The ride begins at the Ephrata High School Performing Arts Center.  Check in will be inside the PAC starting at 7:00 am where you’ll need to sign the waiver and pick up your number if you haven’t already. The 80 mile ride starts at 9:00 am, 50 miler starts at 10:00.  It is important that you start at the correct time.  Check out the 80 mile course here, and the 50 here.  Better yet upload to your device!  Come prepared and ready for adventure.  Weather is always a consideration at GFE and this year is no exception.  On course support is limited.  Timing closes at 5:00 pm.  Live results can be found on Webscorer.  Please join us after the ride at the Ephrata Recreation Center for post ride meal.  Need more gravel? GoldendaleEllensburg, and Winthrop, get signed up before they’re full!

Thank you for riding with us!Jake, Karen and crew

GFE Preview

We are two weeks out from Gran Fondo Ephrata and things are looking good!  A few of us got out for some GFE stoke this weekend and found that all roads are clear and rolling fast.  In fact Baird is probably the best it’s ever been.  AND the weather forecast looks great for the foreseeable future.  Sounds like this is a home run, what could go wrong?  Well, we’re two weeks out, lots can go wrong.  The medio course has already seen some county road grading, and new “gravel” patches on Overen.  It’s still mostly awesome, but there are a few chunky spots.  I guess what we’re saying here is there’s a ton of variables on these rides, that’s part of what makes them cool.  Overall, it is shaping up to be very good, but come prepared, and ready for whatever gets thrown your way, because just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you don’t!

Overen Summit
Overen Summit


This photo of a freshly graded Overen Road brought to you by Clif.


Fresh Gravel
More fresh gravel with Rapha shoe covers that were overkill on this sunny day.


The best part of this photo is what you can’t see, the 20 mph tail wind, woohoo!