GFE Update

Welcome to Gran Fondo Ephrata!
At VC we are serious about bikes, fun and promoting the cycling community.  In an effort to protect the cycling community we all enjoy, we have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and would appreciate everyone observe the following guidelines.
-If you, or anyone in your home is ill, please stay home.
-If you are over 60, or have underlying health conditions it is advised that you avoid large group activities.
-PLEASE wash hands often, and avoid touching your face, hand shakes, high fives, etc.
-Cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow when coughing or sneezing.
Every effort will be made to ensure your safety.  We will have hand sanitizer at registration and aid stations, please bring your own for on the bike.
The provided food will look different as well, for your safety aid stations will have only pre-packaged foods.
Wild Spring Weather:
It has become a rich tradition at Gran Fondo Ephrata to have adversity.  This year will be no different.  For starters we have a beautiful spring forecast… right up until Friday, then it is supposed to get cold, rain, and/or snow.  These rides have always been part road, part gravel, part adventure.  We will not know for sure how things look until Saturday, but will do our very best to deliver a fun/safe/challenging event.  Any course changes will be posted asap.  Please come prepared, warm clothes, lots of layers, and a lust for adventure!
Weekend Details:

Vicious Cycle Gran Fondo season is finally here and we can’t wait to kick things off with Gran Fondo Ephrata this Sunday.  We’ll have early check in available Saturday evening at the Pita Pit from 7:00-8:00 pm.  The ride begins at the Ephrata High School Performing Arts Center.  Check in will be inside the PAC starting at 7:00 am where you’ll need to sign the waiver and pick up your number if you haven’t already. The 80 mile ride starts at 9:00 am, 50 miler starts at 10:00.  It is important that you start at the correct time.  Check out the 80 mile course here, and the 50 here.  Better yet upload to your device!  Come prepared and ready for adventure.  Weather is always a consideration at GFE and this year is no exception.  On course support is limited.  Timing closes at 5:00 pm.  Live results can be found on Webscorer.  Please join us after the ride at the Ephrata Recreation Center for post ride meal.  Need more gravel? GoldendaleEllensburg, and Winthrop, get signed up before they’re full!

Thank you for riding with us!Jake, Karen and crew

GFE Preview

We are two weeks out from Gran Fondo Ephrata and things are looking good!  A few of us got out for some GFE stoke this weekend and found that all roads are clear and rolling fast.  In fact Baird is probably the best it’s ever been.  AND the weather forecast looks great for the foreseeable future.  Sounds like this is a home run, what could go wrong?  Well, we’re two weeks out, lots can go wrong.  The medio course has already seen some county road grading, and new “gravel” patches on Overen.  It’s still mostly awesome, but there are a few chunky spots.  I guess what we’re saying here is there’s a ton of variables on these rides, that’s part of what makes them cool.  Overall, it is shaping up to be very good, but come prepared, and ready for whatever gets thrown your way, because just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you don’t!

Overen Summit
Overen Summit


This photo of a freshly graded Overen Road brought to you by Clif.


Fresh Gravel
More fresh gravel with Rapha shoe covers that were overkill on this sunny day.


The best part of this photo is what you can’t see, the 20 mph tail wind, woohoo!


November Rain

Sooo much good dirt on the Beez in Nov, gotta get it while you can, winter is a coming!  Speaking of winter, the Rapha Festive 500 is coming up, always a good time, and a little extra boost for your 2020 season.  You know, the year you’re finally going to nail the 5 pac and earn the “Slayer” status.


2020 Schedule

Ok, here it is in all of its splendor, the much anticipated Vicious Cycle Events 2020 schedule!  Look for registration to open Feb 1st.  We are predicting a mild winter with a nice warm spring (betcha didn’t know we could do that) filled with fast rolling gravel.  While we’re predicting, we also see a new bike in your future with you once again narrowly avoiding divorce.  Nicely done.

March 15 Gran Fondo Ephrata 10th Anniversary Edition

April 4 Beezley Burn MTB

April 26 Gran Fondo Goldendale

May 17 Gran Fondo Leavenworth

June 14 Gran Fondo Ellensburg

Sept 19 Gran Fondo Winthrop

The Tom Dumoulin of VC Fondos

-By Brig Seidl

I don’t know why I used to think of Ellensburg as the “easy” Vicious Cycle Gran Fondo. Maybe because the extensive asphalt segments or because it lacks a knockout punch straight out of the gate like the others I just never seemed to take Ellensburg seriously for some reason. You know, just show up, kick some Egencia ass and then move on to the next real race. Continue reading “The Tom Dumoulin of VC Fondos”

GFEburg Update

Lets begin this with the course is clear of snow, and to the best of our knowledge there is no crazy weather coming.  In fact the weather looks to be downright pleasant at the moment, partly cloudy and 77 degrees.  The course is rolling well with nothing noteworthy to report, roads seemed to be in good shape, views epic, as always.  The only real thing to note is Mohar rd is finally open again so we will utilize it as in the past.  It is the road just past aid 3 for Grande, or main aid for Medio.  It’s the road that keeps us from back tracking on Westside road to Cle Elum and cuts off a couple mile.  It has an immediate sharp kicker that is now chunky gravel.  What’s not to love!?  There are still spots available, so if you have any teammates not signed up, or anyone else you would really like to see suffer, send them this way!  Registration closes Thursday night at midnight.  See you there!

GFL With Brig

-By Brig Seidl

Ahh good ole Gran Fondo Leavenworth. Once the sharpest rapier in Vicious Cycle’s scabbard it has been dulled somewhat in recent years by the exclusion of the Mud Creek and Navarre Coulee sections but it is still pointy enough to draw blood and extract sweat. Or drown you like a bilge rat as appeared to be the case this year when I was confronted with an absolute dark, dank, downpour upon cresting Blewett Pass at 6:15 a.m. en route to the Peshastin Elementary School start line. Continue reading “GFL With Brig”

GFL Riders Note

You already know what we’re going to say right, come ready for adventure.  So here’s a few things that could potentially make Gran Fondo Leavenworth even more adventurous than it already is.  Snow.  Big surprise, but there’s still patches of snow atop the first climb.  There may or may not be a short hike-a-bike similar to a few years ago, should be fairly minimal with that run of warm weather we just had.  Rain.  Forecast is calling for chances of rain on and off all week.  Some rain would be nice, as things are already super dry.  A lot of rain turns Swakane into a gumbo mess, to which we reroute.  Parking.  The Peshastin/Dryden Elementary School where we stage out of is under construction, and we only have about half the parking we usually have.  Please see parking map for additional parking options.  Otherwise everything is awesome, and shaping up to be epic!

2017 GFL
2017 GFL

GFE 2019 Riders Note

Cold Pavement
2019 GFE

Gran Fondo Ephrata Update:
Welcome to the 2019 edition of Gran Fondo Ephrata, one that is sure to go down it the history books! Over the years we’ve been through a lot here at GFE, sleet, wind, rain, but nothing quite like the winter we’ve just had/still having. Good news! The end is in sight! It is supposed to be warming up all week, with a high of 47 on Sunday. With that however, comes the thawing mess that has turned every one of our gravel roads into a quagmire. Fear not though, we have two all pavement rides that are clear of snow and just so happen to be pretty rad (pending permit approval). That’s right, these are our local go-to rides that we are actually pretty stoked to share with you.

2019 GFE Grande: 78.6 miles, 5296′ This route is a Vicious Cycle winter classic, it has epic scenery through Moses Coulee with an endless wheat land roller coaster on Whitehall Rd, and a lap on our 17 mile medio circuit to finish it proper.
2019 GFE Medio: 34 miles, 2450′ This hilly 17 mile circuit is our local favorite, that is often our Monday night group ride. Medio riders will do two 17 mile laps.

We realize this is not what everyone was expecting, us either, what little gravel is not buried in snow, is such a deep, muddy mess it’s unrideable (don’t ask how we know). You’ll thank us, as will your equipment. These rides are all about adapting, and rolling with what you get, whether it’s three feet of snow, rain all day, scorching heat, freshly graded roads, cattle drives… etc. In the end we’re in this together and we think that together it will be awesome! We appreciate you rolling with us, and look forward to seeing you all this Sunday in Ephrata for a very memorable edition of Gran Fondo Ephrata.

Weekend Details:
Vicious Cycle Gran Fondo Series p/b NW Tri & Bike is finally here and we can’t wait to kick things off with Gran Fondo Ephrata this Sunday. We’ll have early check in available Saturday evening at the Pita Pit from 7:00-8:00 pm. The ride begins at the Ephrata High School Performing Arts Center. Check in will be inside the PAC from 7:00-8:30 am where you’ll need to sign the waiver and pick up your number if you haven’t already. Grande ride starts at 9 am, Medio starts at 10:00. It is important that you start in the correct group. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the course (above). Better yet upload it to your device! Come prepared and ready for adventure. The weather is looking good but there is no telling with the crazy winter we’ve had. On course support is limited. Timing closes at 5:00 pm. Live results can be found on Webscorer. Please join us after the ride at the Ephrata Recreation Center for post ride meal. Need more gravel? Goldendale, Leavenworth, Ellensburg, and Winthrop, have your vitamin G fix.

While you’re in town here’s a couple of our favorites:
The Bookery -Coffee, breakfast, lunch
Pita Pit -Lunch
Uggieboo Bistro -Beer, food
12 Hawks -Beer, food –
Tequillas -Mexican food
Sleep – Best Western
Camping – Oasis Park
Tell them your in town for Gran Fondo!

Thank you for your entry into the 2019 Gran Fondo Ephrata, we really appreciate you rolling with us, see you Sunday!

Jake, Karen and crew