2015 Tenative Schedule

Okay folks, here it is, our very preliminary 2015 schedule of events.  Have a looksie and let us know what you think.  Nothing is set in stone yet, but this is the way things are shaping up.

tentative 2015 Vicious Cycle Events:

March 15 – Gran Fondo Ephrata

March 28 – FTR Beezley Burn

April 12 – Gran Fondo Goldendale

April 25 – FTR Beacon and Legs

May 16 – Roslyn Rush

May 31 – Gran Fondo Leavenworth

June 6 – Bike and Brews

June 20 – Gran Fondo Ellensburg

June 27 – FTR White River Remix

Sept 27 – Gran Fondo Winthrop


We are thrilled (and maybe even a little surprised) at the reception of our Gran Fondos.  We realize these are not easy rides.  Then factor in weather and other variables and they’re downright epic.  But this is what it’s all about!  You will notice a new one in Ellensburg which is going to be right up there with Leavenworth.  And we have moved GF Winthop all the way to Sept.  This could be a big gamble with all the cx going on, but fall in the Methow is unreal!

We (I) would love to add to FTR.  And we actually had two new venues that we had hoped to slip into 2015.  But our FTR numbers just aren’t quite there to justify it.  2014 was a step in the right direction, but we’re still not quite there.  Rally the mtb community and lets get this thing going so we can grow it!

23 thoughts on “2015 Tenative Schedule

  1. Putting ’em on the calendar. Sept for Winthrop could be great, and now I’ll need to stay in shape through the fall.

    I’m not surprised at the success of your fondo’s. They fill a void that’s been lacking for awhile. Ephrata may just be my all time favorite ride.

  2. Thank you Jake for putting the schedule out sooner rather than later! I really like the fact that most of the events are at least ‘every other weekend’. This past season it was really tough to do one of your epic GF then do a FTR race the following week (it felt like there was an event every single week!). It will be nice to get a rest week in or two next season – during the season. And I love the idea of a good event in September!

  3. GF Ellensburg is on fathers day weekend – if it were moved to the weekend prior it might make for higher attendance.

      1. You are so right and I am confused. I will bug velodirt folks for changing dates! Love both routes–did both last year.

  4. Thanks for posting the schedule early Jake, it looks good. Of course I mourn the demise of many of the awesome FTR events from 2013 but I understand your concerns – if the Fischer Plumbing guys are just too cowed to show up you can’t justify having 13 rounds with an empty grid. But still…. maybe in 2016?

  5. I like the Gran Fondo date in September. No guarantees, but I was bummed out to have everything longer be over at that time this year.

  6. The FTR schedule looks very good and works very well for me and anybody else that might be racing the BuDu races too.

  7. Dang that’s a lot of races. I was trying to figure out when and how to bike an ellensburg bike festival in the teanaway with a cross country and enduro style race, but it is going to be hard to fit it into that schedule!

  8. Great stuff Jake! You host some really awesome events. Hope to get out to a few more this year.

    Just to clarify Roslyn and Bike and Brews are not part of the FTR series then?


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